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Hunt for the

Radiant Queen


The Chronicles of Crossadon begins on the planet of Hodesh Adoma. It is a world of good and evil, superhuman and sorcery, where some only have a brief life to make their mark while others seem to live forever.


Cecealye Elleno is the last of her house. If she falls there will be no one else to set on Ellizea’s throne. Now, the sky is blackened as her kingdom burns. An army spreads across Ellizea as a dark and brutal figure searches the world for one thing, her. Joined by four others, she must find a way to fight her unknown foe. Cecealye was never meant to be queen, but now she must allow herself to realize what she had not been willing to see, the life and death of Ellizea depends on her.


Just how far must she go to redeem herself and her kingdom? What price must be paid? Will she be able to outrun the hunt?




From beginning to end there is either action, romance, or cunning feats to keep your interest peaked. If you like fantasy then this is the read for you.

                 -Nathan Tardo, friend and fan-


A great blend of sci-fi and fantasy, "Hunt for the Radiant Queen" follows five main characters as they journey throughout the land on a quest to restore a kingdom to its rightful heir. Both highly descriptive and thought-provoking, "Hunt" grabs your attention from the start and keeps it right up until the ending cliffhanger, leading to more books in the Chronicles of Crossadon series.

                    -Kevin Anderson, friend and fan-


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